Lignomat MP32

Networkable Multi-Kiln Master Controller and Kiln Data Manager with Automatic Alerts on Kiln Status via email or text message




A prime example of technology working in your favor. Developed with customer inspired options and control interface.


  • Automatic alerts on select critical conditions via email or text message
  • Schedule Editor for drying by moisture or time, equalizing, conditioning, heat treat
  • Schedule Jump and Schedule Hold feature
  • Heat Dump schedule
  • Kiln Rest schedule
  • Maintenance Mode schedule
  • Lumber Availability estimator
  • Control parameters for each kiln
  • Energy conservation based on power usage limits
  • Multi-layer security
  • Backup of drying histories and controller settings
  • Compatible with older control hardware
  • Stand-alone non-networked option available
  • Touch screen option available


  • Control up to 32 kilns from a single unit
  • Automatic alerts to help reduce kiln down time, therefore increase kiln output
  • New features allow to dry lumber faster
  • Saving energy and reducing maintenance cost
  • No software to install – no hassle with PC upgrades and control software transfer
  • Simple remote control of kilns

Known as MP32, this is an upgrade to the well known MP16 master controller. Fully networkable, it appears on your local network just like another computer and is accessed from your favorite web browser. This controller is accessible from any computer, tablet or smart phone on your local network as well as from remote locations via your VPN. Stand-alone setup is also supported. Simply connect a monitor, keyboard and mouse to the MP32.

Drying histories can be reviewed within the control interface. They can also be saved in a text format to a local computer where they can be imported into a spreadsheet for data analysis and to maintain kiln records. Desktop software is also available for enhanced history review and to export kiln data into your database.