Lignomat MP-32


Networkable multi-kiln controller and kiln data manager 


  • Backwards Compatable 
  • Fast & Free Remote Control
  • Smart Network Platform 
  • Triple Layer Diagnostics
  • Automatic Text & Email Alerts
  • Multi-Layer Security
  • Parameter Control
  • Not PC Dependent
  • Not Network Dependent
  • Remote Data Backup
  • Remote Settings & Schedule Backup 
  • Stand Alone Options 
  • Mangage 32 Kilns/Unit  







A prime example of technology working in your favor. Connection and ability integrated with customer inspired options and control interface.


Backwards compatible as a drop in replacement for existing controllers running the MP-16 master controller. 


Connect from anywhere with any network device through your networks. No monthly or yearly fees for remote access. Much quicker response and reaction time in remote control, as you connect to it, not to another PC.


Take advantage of automatic texts or emails sent from the controller. Selected events trigger an automatic notification to your cell to keep you informed on drying progress and kiln status.


The days of operator interface being tied to a single PC running a certain operating system is over. Windows, Mac, Linux, Chromium, whatever operating system you use, you are covered.


Access your operator interface from any computer/device on your network, or plug in a monitor, mouse and keyboard for direct access and control.


Simple backup of master and individual controller settings, schedules and histories keeps you ready to be back up and running quickly in the event of undesireable changes or damage to equipment.