kiln control enclosure

40 years focused on kiln control systems. From engineer to receptionist, we are Lumber Dry Kiln Controls. 

  • Package kilns
  • Track kilns
  • Single zone
  • Multi zone
  • Conventional dry kilns
  • Dehumidification dry kilns
  • Solar dry kilns


 Our focus is on helping you perfect the drying process for hardwood and high-grade softwood lumber. Tight control, customer inspired options and flexibility in hardware and software promote success for different drying techniques.

 Versatile and Uniform Equipment   

Lignomat’s kiln control systems are engineered to operate different types of kilns with the same base hardware and software. This allows ease of operation, equipment familiarity and troubleshooting efficiency, while reducing down time and spare parts for multiple kiln operations.

PLC and Discrete Relay based Systems

Depending on your needs and preference, PLC and relay-based controls are available. Multi-zone kilns and some advanced control options require PLC based controls.

Relay based controls are a simple, more affordable solution for single zone kilns, while still having standard options such as heat treatment and auto-samples, timber rest, AHDC, demand load control and auto alerts are still at your disposal

Kiln Control Module (KCM)

Each kiln is equipped with one KCM module. Individual kiln settings and visual diagnostics are on board. The KCM will continue regulating to the desired value of the current schedule segment if the rest of system is down.