Upgrade MP32 software by swapping EMMC memory card

Upgrade MP32 software by swapping EMMC memory card

  1. Power down the MP32.
  2. Remove USB, HDMI and Ethernet cables from Odroid board. Ribbon cable can remain connected.

    Be careful with the Battery cable. It MUST stay connected otherwise MP32 time & date will be lost.


  1. Remove the four screws from Odroid board.


  1. Lift up the Odroid board to expose EMMC card.


  1. Gently pry off the EMMC card from the Odroid board.


  1. Mount new EMMC card in it’s place. Use Odroid board edge and white outline as guide for location.

    You should hear and feel a click when new card snaps in place.

  2. Put everything back in reverse order.