kiln control enclosure

40 years of research and engineering focused on kiln control systems.
From engineer to receptionist, we are the Lumber Dry Kiln Controls.

  • Conventional lumber dry kilns
  • Dehumidification lumber dry kilns
  • Package kilns
  • Track kilns
  • Single zone
  • Multi zone
  • Solar dry kilns
  • Wireless or Wired Sensors


Our focus is on helping you perfect the drying process for hardwood and high-grade softwood lumber. Tight control, customer inspired options and flexibility in hardware and software promote success for different drying techniques.

 Versatile and Uniform Equipment   

Lignomat’s kiln control systems are engineered to operate various types of kilns using the same base hardware and software. This allows ease of operation, equipment familiarity and troubleshooting efficiency, while reducing down time and number of spare parts for multiple kiln operations.

Kiln Control Modules

Each kiln is equipped with one control module (KCM, KCU, DKC) acting as a set point controller. Kiln parameters and setpoints are sent to the control module from the master controller and the operator interface upon the start of a kiln charge and adjusted as per drying schedule. Control module evaluates kiln conditions by monitoring values from kiln sensors and sets actuator outputs as needed. Kiln conditions are sent upstream to the master controller and the operator interface for visual display and to maintain drying histories. System contains hardware for visual diagnostics as well as software indicators for troubleshooting purpose and drying status.

Kiln Sensors

Kiln can be equipped with wireless sensors for EMC and wood moisture (MC). Wired sensors can also be provided in applications where wireless sensors are not practical or would be outside operating temperature range. Sensors for wet bulb are also available. Lumber MC can also be obtained by means of Sample Weight Scale. With the proper scale hardware the control system can acquire scale data to calculate sample and average MC.

Interfacing with your kiln

Depending on your needs and preference, a PLC or a simple discrete relay based I/O hardware interface are available to control your kiln. The relay based interface will provide all required functionality for most kilns. They are simple, more affordable solution for a single zone kilns, while still providing standard features such as heat treatment, auto-samples, timber rest, heat-dump (AHDC), demand load control and automatic alerts. Multi-zone kilns and some advanced control options or special interface needs will require a PLC based I/O hardware.