Heat Treatment (HT) for Lumber Export, Firewood, Wood Packing and Shipping Material


Heat Treatment of lumber is typically part of export requirements and governed by ISPM-15 and similar regulations. Pest outbreaks are a threat to forests of all types all over the world. Insects such as the emerald ash borer and the Asian long-horned beetle have been devastating forests in North America. These pests are a big problem by themselves, but as a boring beetle, they also spread killer pests such as the pinewood nematode. Lignomat is striving to be part of the solution.

HT feature comes standard with the control system. You only need to add the required number of Wood-Core Temperature Sensors and start the HT schedule. Heat Treatment regulations may change in the future and may not be the same in all countries.
Lignomat controls system allows flexibility to adjust to changing requirements with ease.